Equip Forum | Fall 2023

Equip Forum | Fall 2023

Saturday, Oct 14 | 9-11:30a | TBD (Chapel or Fellowship Hall) | $5 per Person

Open to ANYONE regardless of your primary campus/venue

Individual Registrations ONLY. If you plan to attend with someone else, please have them register separately.

One of the ongoing tension points in our current cultural conversation is a demand to affirm equality for all people - regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, education, or social status - in our words and actions. And many times, in those conversations, Christians are accused of being unloving opponents of equality at best, and angry, prejudiced bigots at worst. How do we respond to that accusation - with honest and love?

Equip Forums are targeted training opportunities that help disciples explore and address crucial theological and cultural questions from a biblical and Gospel perspective. They are built with times for teaching and for Q&A.

In this, our first Forum, we will look at the reasons for the culture's demands around equality, the Bible's clear response to it, and how lovingly expressing that truth keep us engaged with people who tend to distrust us so that Jesus and the gospel can be clearly seen.