Patriot Primetime

Patriot Primetime

Patriot Primetime Winter Season Activities are closed.  Only Tutoring is still available for your child for the Winter Season. If you need to register for Tutoring, contact Coach Landau directly at

The winter season is a 9-week season with NEW companies that provide specialized instruction. Please note that some classes are 30-minute classes or 45-minute classes and others are the full hour. We are offering a tutoring company - Jumpstart and basic Golf instruction.

Winter Season is January 17 - March 17, 2023.

Submit a separate form for each child.

Only choose one activity per day.

Note: If you are signing up for multiple Activities/ Sports for your child, please check the days of week for each activity to make sure they do not overlap.

Please sign up promptly as we are not adding to the class limits, when they are sold out.

Please pay by Friday, January 27, 2023