Camping Trip @ the Baldwin House

Camping Trip @ the Baldwin House

Middle and High School students are invited to Howie and Melissa Baldwin's home (they have tons of property and they're willing to share it) for a youth group camping trip.  It'll be overnight on Friday July 14th and will end Saturday morning July 15th.  Students should be dropped off at Howie and Melissa's around 6pm on Friday.  Students should be picked up anytime between 7am - 8:30am on Saturday morning.  Howie and Melissa live at 6645 Avon Lake Road - Medina, OH. 44256.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Bruce at 330.421.2111 or

NOTE:  For the overnight portion of the experience, we'll have clear sections of property for guys and another clear section away from the guys - for the girls.  As adults we will expect amazing behavior between the guys and girls and we will have zero tolerance for anything between genders that isn't absolutely excellent. Parents, please remind teens this is an important aspect of the experience.  Thank you for your help.  I (Bruce) expect our teens will be GREAT but it always helps to have parents share reminders.

There will not be showers available so shower before you arrive.  We will have a portable toilet on site that everyone will be able to use.  The plan will be to throw a football, frisbee, etc., make a fire, cook some snacks over the fire, have great conversations, some worship music (as long as someone brings a guitar), capture the flag style games (bring flashlights and war paint) and then sleep.

This is NOT an all-nighter (we do that in November).  Once students are asked to go to their tents, that's it for the night (likely between 11:30pm - midnight).  Parents, you can help us by reinforcing the "respect the adults who are setting this up talk" and the "you need to be on your best behavior and follow the rules" talk.  

Please bring:  a tent (if you have one), sleeping bag or blankets, snacks to share, a good attitude and whatever you would want for an evening and morning camping.  We WILL have water in coolers for brushing teeth etc.  

Release form information starts here:

Your son/daughter is ready for the youth group camping event.  SO AWESOME!   Please take time to complete this release form in order to participate with FBC Medina.  Thanks so much. If you have any questions, you can call Pastor Bruce - 330.421.2111 or by email at

As parent/legal guardian of the child/children listed below, I hereby give permis­sion for my child/children to attend the youth group camping trip at the Baldwin's house.

I understand and accept the possibility and inherent risk of foreseen and unforeseen hazards and risks and the possi­bility of risk and/or injury to my child/children. I agree to waive, release and hold harmless FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, its leaders, employees, officials, and/or volunteer staff from liability for all claims, causes of actions, damages, losses, costs, attorneys’ fees, diseases, and/or injuries that may be incurred by my child/children.
I authorize any treatment by an accredited hospital and/or physician that FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH deems necessary to treat my child/children in the event of an emergency.  

I understand that photos / video may be taken of my child for FBC Medina to highlight / promo this trip / future trips.