Cedar Point June 7 2023

Cedar Point June 7 2023

By completing this digital form you're giving permission for your teen to attend the Cedar Point trip with us on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.  

Cedar Point is now CASHLESS - which means... you can send your child with a debit card, credit card or they can use GOOGLE PAY or APPLE PAY.  This change is newer so in case you've not heard, I wanted to add that here. 

We are leaving at 8:15am on Wednesday, June 7th.  We're returning at 11:30pm on June 7th.  Students need to be dropped off and picked up at First Baptist Church Medina - 3646 Medina Road - Medina, OH 44256.

As parent/legal guardian of the child/children listed below, I hereby give permis­sion for my child/children to attend Cedar Point with First Baptist Church Medina on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.  

I understand and accept the possibility and inherent risk of foreseen and unforeseen hazards and risks and the possi­bility of risk and/or injury to my child/children. I agree to waive, release and hold harmless FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, its leaders, employees, officials, and/or volunteer staff from liability for all claims, causes of actions, damages, losses, costs, attorneys’ fees, diseases, and/or injuries that may be incurred by my child/children.
I authorize any treatment by an accredited hospital and/or physician that FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH deems necessary to treat my child/children in the event of an emergency.  

I understand that photos / video may be taken of my child for FBC Medina to highlight / promo this trip / future trips.