Bethel Kids Sign-up 2023-2024

Bethel Kids Sign-up 2023-2024

First Baptist Church of Bethel Springs will resume BethelKids, on Wednesday, August 9th at 5pm. This program is a fun and exciting way for students to learn about: God, the Bible, fellowship with a meal, and grow in Christ. All children in Pre-K through the 6th Grade are welcome to join Bethel Kids. There will also be youth services at The Peak for grades 7-12, and all students are welcome. 

You MUST fill out a NEW set of forms for each child, for this calendar year. The medical release form included will serve as the medical release for all activities until the start of the new school year when forms will need to be renewed.

We will pick up children from Bethel Springs Elementary School at 4:45 pm, on Wednesday afternoons with our church vans. We will also pick up high schoolers dropped off from MCHS at Bethel Springs when the bus arrives from the high school if needed. If you would like to drop off your children, and they plan to eat with us, please have them here by 5pm. If they do not plan to eat with us, please drop them off at the church by 5:30 pm. Bethel Kids and The Peak ends at 7:00 pm, and children need to be picked up from the carpool line by the Family Life Center, at the rear of the church, at that time.  Please be aware that early pickups disrupt classes and prayer time.

To enroll in Bethel Kids please fill out the forms and get them back to either the school office or church office as soon as possible. CHILDREN WHO DO NOT TURN IN FORMS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CONTINUE ATTENDING. 

There are no fees to join, but please understand that by signing your children up for this program, you are giving us permission to teach your children about Christianity and Jesus Christ.