Hand2Hand (H2H) Roles 2023/24

Hand2Hand (H2H) Roles 2023/24

Hand2Hand of Cornerstone Provides weekend food assistance to about 400 kids at 7 local elementary and middle schools. It takes many people to make this possible at each of the schools we serve. Every role matters and is part of the overall Hand2Hand of Cornerstone Ministry. 


Please take a look at our current needs below and indicate your area(s) of interest.  A ministry lead will contact you within a week,


A current (within the past 2 years) background check is required for many of these roles working in partner schools.


DESCRIPTION OF CURRENT NEEDS: (Most of these are school-year related.


Hand2Hand School Connector: One connector per school. Schools include-Bowen Elementary (Kentwood), Explorer Elementary (Kentwood), Pinewood Middle School (Kentwood), Campus Elementary (GRPS), Vanguard Charter (Wyoming), Duncan Lake (Caledonia), Kraft Meadows (Caledonia). This role is responsible for planning, communicating and ensuring the students at this school get their bags of food. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:  1) Emailing permission slips to be sent out to the school, 2) Building and maintaining the student list for the school, 3) Coordinating a distribution team for the bags to get to students' lockers/teachers for the school, 4) Tracking and communicating changes in the number of students for your school, to the Overall Team Lead and Overall Food Leader in a timely fashion, 5) Arranging and getting bins back from the school and to the packing location by the dates consistent with the packing schedule,6) Communicating to the Overall Team Leader, to keep the labels and number of bags in each bin accurate for that week's packing 6) Communicating any changes to the school, 7) Creating a distribution plan with the school how bags will get to students in the event school is closed (bad weather, illness shut down, etc), 8) Providing the school's calendar, rules for delivery, volunteer protocols, anything school related that is needed to know by the Hand2Hand of Cornerstone Team, to the Overall Team Lead and/or other team leads as needed, 9) Maintaining an updated volunteer contact list of anyone helping to serve this school, 10) Being listed as the Hand2Hand Contact for this school including phone number and email address, 11) Participating in Team Leader Meetings


Hand2Hand Set Up Team: Be one of 8-12 people on this team! This role is responsible for making sure the food is ready to pack on pack night. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1) Count and set up food items on tables, for each school, and each week, to be ready for packing, 2) Pull food from the pantry to the packing space, 3) Setting tote bins in place, 4) must be able to lift up to 25 pounds, 5) Completing the Set Up Checklist, 6) Communicating to the Pack Night Captain if there were any food inventory discrepancies


Hand2Hand Food Pick Up: This role is responsible for picking up purchased food from anywhere the Overall Food Leader asks, and getting it to the Hand2Hand of Cornerstone Pantry.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1) Driving to pick up food from a destination indicated by the Overall Food Leader and getting it inside the Hand2Hand of Cornerstone Pantry, 2) Lifiting/Loading up to 30 pounds of food, 3) Sorting food if needed as indicated by Overall  Food Leader.


Hand2Hand Snack/Breakfast Kit Pack Coordinator: This role is responsible for assembling the required amount of snack/breakfast kits.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1) Setting up tables, 2) Getting & setting up food items, 3) Assembling Kits per instructions given by Overall Food Leader or Overall Team Leader, 4) Counting and labeling how many kits are in each "container" (insta-crate/box), 5) Labeling the "Use By Date" on the container, (listing what the first expiration date is of the items in the kit), 6) Communicating with the Overall Food Leader and Overall Team Leader about what was accomplished and what wasn't, and where completed kits were stored.


Hand2Hand KIT PACKER: This role is part of a 6-10 person team to pack 4 items into ziploc-type bags, making Snack & Breakfast Kits.  This role is usually the Thursday evening after our Full Bag Packing Wednesday.


Hand2Hand Full Bag Packer: This role is part of a 14 person team that packs snack kits, breakfast kits and lunch/dinner items into a full bag for a child to take home on the weekends. Each bag will have at least 10 food items. This role is typically every other Wednesday evening 6pm at South Wyoming. 


Hand2Hand Delivery Route Driver/Co-Pliot   Drive / or ride along in the box truck, usually Thursday mornings during the school year to load/unload totes of packed food to the 5 schools.


Hand2Hand Distribution: This role ensures bag of food gets to the student's locker/teacher. You would be part of one of our schools teams and could pick the school closest to you. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1) Getting the bags of food that will be at the school, to the right locker/teacher's classroom, 2) Possibly stacking empty tote bins, 3) Possibly returning empty tote bins to the Hand2Hand Pantry, 4) Taking direction and communicating directly with the appropriate School Coordinator, 5) Clearing a background check.


Hand2Hand Transport Move donated food from your Cornerstone Campus to the South Wyoming Pantry, once a week.  


Hand2Hand Empty Tote Pick up Twice a month pick up empty tote bins from the school you choose and deliver to South Wyoming Campus.


Hand2Hand HUB Food Receiver: This role is once a month. Typically the last Thursday of the month, from 9:15am-9:45am, this role will meet a truck that will bring food to our South Wyoming Pantry.  This role will take the boxes of food from the truck and place them in the designated space at South Wyoming's Campus, and then notify the overall Food Leader.