2022 Austin Summer School of Truth

2022 Austin Summer School of Truth

Dear saints,

We look forward to another opportunity to make a substantial deposit of the truth into our precious young people!

The 2022 Summer School of Truth will be held in-person at the church meeting hall (2530 S. Congress Ave.) for those students going into the 7th grade or older. The DEADLINE for registration is June 26. After this date, the registration website will be disabled, and we will place the order for books and T-shirts. Questions may be addressed to Paul Bixby at pjbixby@hotmail.com or (512) 784-6625.

Lesson Book #2 – The Triune God: The Triune God and the Person and Work of Christ


  • Monday, July 18, through Friday, July 29.
  • In general, each week-day will begin at 8:30AM and end at 5:00PM (subject to change), except on Fridays when the young people will stay at the meeting hall through dinner (provided by Truth School) and conclude the week with singing, slide show of the week’s highlights, and distribution of prizes. On Fridays, parents can come at 6:00pm after dinner to enjoy the week’s finale, or they can simply plan to arrive at 7:00pm to pick up their kids. A full, detailed schedule will be forthcoming when finalized.
  • On Saturday, July 23, there will be an optional organized sports tournament in the afternoon to which the young people can invite their friends, followed by a meal at the Congress property.


All Truth School workers must register online here (see instructions below). We ask that all Truth School workers attend a dinner/prayer/orientation meeting on Lord’s Day evening, July 17, from 6:00-8:00pm. At this time, after we eat dinner together (provided by Truth School), we would like to have some strong prayer together and provide orientation fellowship to all the Truth School workers. If any workers can stay after 8:00pm, we can sort and bundle all the T-shirts, lesson books, notebooks, etc. for each truth-schooler, so that the distribution process will go smoothly the next morning.


Currently we have about 20 hospitality spots for out-of-town truth-schoolers, and we hope to pick up a few more spots before the registration deadline. These spots will be assigned to young people and workers who come from out-of-town (i.e. those who live outside the area of Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos…). If you would like to fellowship about the availability of a hospitality spot, please contact Paul Bixby at pjbixby@hotmail.com or (512) 784-6625 before you register. It is also possible that you could make your own private hospitality arrangements. In order to help the hosts with hospitality expenses, we ask all out-of-town truth-schoolers to pay an additional $50/week at the time of registration, which will be passed on directly to the host.


If your child is not feeling well on a day of the Truth School or has a fever, please do not bring him/her to Truth School. We will take the temperature of each person entering the meeting hall each morning; if it is not normal, that person will be sent home. If we hear that someone in the Truth School has tested positive for COVID, that person will not be allowed to return to Truth School until they demonstrate a negative COVID test, and we will simply notify all the parents of the situation, and let the parents make their own decision whether to let their own child continue in Truth School.


As would be expected, dress must be modest and appropriate. The truth-schoolers will be required to wear a Truth School T-shirt at all Truth School events. All the brothers and sisters will be given three T-shirts at the beginning of the Truth School. Sisters must wear pants or capris during all Truth School activities since dresses or skirts would not be appropriate during recreation. As in the past, no shorts are allowed (except on water day). We require that those attending wear tennis shoes and socks (no flip-flops). 


Students will need the following: An Old and New Testament Recovery Version with footnotes and a backpack. Concerning things not to bring, the young people will not be allowed to use any electronic devices for entertainment. Please send some pocket money with your child to cover the expense of snacks while on the road.


  • All Truth School attendees must register online here. This includes workers as well as students.
  • Payment via debit or credit card is required to complete this online registration form for all attendees. All attendees will receive 3 T-shirts and the lesson book. There are options to attend one or both week.
  • Only one registrant per form submission is allowed. Please submit a new form & payment for each person.