Youth Winter Retreat | Seaworld 2023

Youth Winter Retreat | Seaworld 2023

Get ready to dive in to an awesome weekend at SeaWorld! From private aquarium exhibits and late-night Bible studies to dolphin shows and roller coasters, it's sure to be an unforgettable time! Here are the details:

Departure to Orlando: January 6, 2023. Friday, 2:30 pm
Arrival in Miami: Saturday, around 9:00 pm

Tentative Order of Events:

• 2:30 pm - Leave church
• 6:30 pm - Arrive at SeaWorld
• Dinner at SeaWorld
• Tour of SeaWorld aquariums
• Bible study
• Get ready for bed
• 12:00 am - Lights out
• Breakfast
• 9:30 am - Re-Entry to SeaWorld park
• 10:00 am - 5:00 pm - Theme park
• 9:00 pm - Arrive in Miami

NOTE: Friday's Dinner and Saturday's Breakfast will be provided, but youth are encouraged to bring money for Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, as well as any other souvenirs.

Deadline to sign-up is November 30th