bcsm New Year's Eve ONLINE Party

Thursday December 31, 2020
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bcsm New Year's Eve ONLINE Party

  • Thursday December 31, 2020
    • 8:30 PM - 11:59 PM
  • Main Campus
    • 3854 Race Road
      Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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About Event

You may have heard that we are having a New Year’s Eve Online party and were wondering, what does that mean? Well, it is kind of like a collection of mini-parties throughout our community all held together by one immersive, interactive experience. It is not a Zoom call and it is not a TV show. So how do you participate in it? 

 It is really very simple. We feel like the best way to enjoy this party is to invite a few friends over or just gather around your TV with your family. Make sure there are a couple of additional devices around that can access the internet so you can participate and interact with the other mini-parties being held at the same time, do karaoke, play games, and much more.

 Now, if you are hosting one of the mini-parties, you will want to register ASAP for a party pack that includes earbuds for each participant in your household, enough pizza to feed everyone registered, Photobooth props, and a few extra things thrown in as well. The cost for registration is $5 a person and you can do that on bcsm513.com. Party Packs go away at 12 am, December 28th. So register early.

But on the night of the party, you will go to bcsm513.online.church or catch the YouTube live stream on BCC’s YouTube channel at 8:30 pm for the pre-party. We will be giving away some fantastic door prizes every so often, so you don’t want to miss this. Then the main event will start at 10 pm sharp. Throughout the night we will be handing out over $300 worth of gift cards, watching some fun videos, playing some super fun games and counting down the time to the new year. You will not want to miss this chance to celebrate New Year’s with your friends and your community here at bcsm.


Main Campus
3854 Race Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211